Dangerous to Love

Approaching the one-year anniversary of its release, Dangerous to Love, by Elsa Bayly, is a suspenseful romance still receiving great reviews. –“It is thought provoking and keeping me wanting more. Can’t wait for the ending. Makes me want to turn to the last page, because it’s been a complicated suspenseful ride.” — “The characters are compelling, with good chemistry between the two protagonists and a good plot. The first chapter grabs the reader and hold on to the finish.”

From the Author’s Site: For her first seven years of life Emma Spencer thought Carl and Bessie were her parents, but they weren’t. So who were they? Why has being their daughter for a few short years put Emma’s life in danger?

When Emma inherits the farm from Carl she is reunited with Buck Hill — the boy next door — or in this case next farm. Will Emma’s secrets and Buck’s increasing involvement make a life together impossible? Will their love be strong enough to conquer the dangers they face, one after the other?

Their search for answers go from a convent in Texas to the bayous of the south and finally lead to the pinnacles of political power and organized crime in Washington, D.C.

Join Buck and Emma on their desperate journey for answers.

Dangerous to Love is available in Paperback and Kindle formats at Amazon.

Elsa Bayly lives with her husband, two dogs, three chickens and an affectionate calf on a small ranchette in the central valley of California. Her house is usually overrun with house plants that she can’t seem to bring herself to thin out.

If Elsa isn’t writing she is often cooking a family dinner for her two daughters and their families. She is regularly found at a high school basketball or soccer game, water polo match, wrestling match, track meet, tumbling lesson or choir performance.

When Elsa’s busy life gives her a chance she retreats to her favorite recliner. Her Cairn terrier claims her lap and it’s their time to bond while she relaxes with a good book.


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