Smooch Contest Winner: Samantha Moon

In 2014 Yosemite Romance Writers (YRW) hosted The Smooch for the fourth year The Smooch entries were “first kiss” scenes from unpublished works-in-progress. YRW sought preliminary judges outside its chapter as well as within, each published in romance fiction: Grace Burrowes, Cheryl Brooks, Sandy James, Sharon Lathan, Lynette Endicott, Sara Humphreys, Merry Farmer, Diana Birchall, Shana Galen, Victoria Vane, Katherine Bone, Loucinda McGary, Linda Wisdom, Bonnie Hearn Hill, and Stacey Kayne. Five stellar entries were sent to Barbara Vey, Publishers Weekly romance blogger at Beyond Her Book for the final judging decision. Winners were announced at our Valentine’s meeting on February 15, 2014.

  • First Place: Samantha Moon for Game of Charades
  • Second Place: John C. Conway for Fire in the Paleo Mist
  • Third Place: Sarah Vance-Tompkins for The Fairy Godmother’s Rulebook
  • Finalist: Sheri Humphreys for Detective in the ER
  • Finalist: Shelly C. Alexander for Love in Living Color

To read the winning entry, visit  Yosemite Romance Writers’ Smooch Page.

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