RITA and Golden Hearts Finalists Announced!

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The Romance Writers of America announced today the final nominees for the prestigious 2014 Rita® Awards, for best 2013 romance novel in certain categories, and 2014 Golden Hearts® Awards, for best unpublished novel in certain categories. Today is an exciting day for romance enthusiasts, because the nominees are posted by RWA in pieces, as “the call” is made to each finalist.

Below, tipping our hat to the newest newcomers in the romance field, are the Rita nominees for Best First Book, and the Golden Hearts nominees in each category. It’s possible others might be added today. The other Rita finalists are listed at the RWA site. We will review each category in subsequent posts over the next few weeks. Congratulations to all of the finalists and to all of the participants. Every year many extremely high-quality works compete for these few slots, and the quality of writing and story are always of the highest caliber, allowing readers to fall in love again, and again, and again.


Best First Book

Five Days in Skye
by Carla Laureano
David C. Cook
John Blase and Tonya Osterhouse, editors

Fix You
by Beck Anderson
Omnific Publishing
Jessica Royer Ocken and Cindy Robinson Campbell, editors

Private Practice
by Samanthe Beck
Entangled Publishing, Brazen
Heather Howland, editor

Promise to Return
by Elizabeth Byler Younts
Simon & Schuster, Howard Books
Beth Adams and Amanda Demastus, editors

The Sweet Spot
by Laura Drake
Grand Central Publishing, Forever
Latoya Smith, editor

2014 Golden Heart® Finalists

Contemporary Romance

  • “Fearless” by Brynley Bush
  • “Love in Living Color” by Shelly C. Alexander
  • “Too Good to Be True” by Suzanne Kaufman Kalb

Historical Romance

  • “Charlene and the Duchess Factory” by Lenora Bell
  • “The Earl Next Door” by Charis Calhoon
  • “A Haunting Desire” by Julie Mulhern
  • “Much Ado about Scandal” by Jillian Lark
  • “The Seer” by Gwynlyn MacKenzie
  • “A Soldier’s Serenade” by Ellen Lindseth
  • “The Unseducible Earl” by Sheri Humphreys
  • “Wicked Things” by Laura Trentham
  • “A Wild and Wicked Wind” by Laura Trentham

Inspirational Romance

  • “Against the Peace” by Carrie Padgett
  • “Better Than a Movie” by Sara Tompkins
  • “My Lord Valet” by Kristi Ann Hunter
  • “A Virtuous Ruby” by Piper Huguley

Paranormal Romance

  • “Beyond the Fire” by Marni Folsom
  • “Fit to Die” by Pintip Dunn
  • “Hidden Magic” by Shelly Chalmers
  • “Valhalla’s King” by Asa Maria Bradley

Romantic Suspense

  • “Chasing Damn” by Denny S. Bryce
  • “Dangerous Dreams” by Abbie Roads
  • “Fatal Fragrances” by Connie Taxdal
  • “In a Sea of Change” by Deborah Wilding
  • “Secrets That Kill” by Sarah Andre
  • “See Her No More” by Sharon Wray

Short Contemporary

  • “Bringing Delaney Home” by Lee Kilraine
  • “Poetic Justice” by Nan Dixon
  • “Yesterday’s Promise” by Sarah Cannon

Young Adult Romance

  • “Altered” by Marnee Bailey
  • “Carlie in Crisis” by Pintip Dunn
  • “Carma Always” by Stephanie Winkelhake
  • “Chasing Fireworks” by Kimberly MacCarron
  • “To Feel or Not to Feel” by Kimberly MacCarron
  • “Four Bullets” by Amy DeLuca
  • “Letting Go” by Jessica Ruddick
  • “Macha and the River Blue” by Barbara Gerry
  • “The Thing with Feathers” by McCall Hoyle
  • “This Is Your Afterlife” by Vanessa Barneveld

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