Now Available: Predator’s Claim by Rosanna Leo

LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShopRosanna Leo’s thrilling shifter series continues with Predator’s Claim, Gemini Island Shifters 4. Come to Gemini Island, where the men are rough, gruff and a little wild. Rosanna’s books are all available at, as well as Amazon, Kobo, B&N, ARE and other e-outlets.

For years, wolf shifter Bart Cairo has harbored secret feelings for his co-worker, Charlotte Moffatt. Even though he thinks he’s been discreet with his affections, everyone at Gemini Island’s Ursa Fishing Lodge knows he and Charlotte, a fellow wolf shifter, are meant to be mates. Everyone but Charlotte.

Charlotte couldn’t be less interested in mating. A free spirit, she wants nothing more than to succeed at her new career in the big city and leave small-town Gemini Island behind. However, she can’t deny Bart stirs up unwanted emotions inside her. Emotions she swore she’d never feel again.

The occasion of Bart’s family reunion compels him to assume new responsibilities, and to consider a role he never envisioned for himself. Family tensions rise to the surface as a new Alpha is proclaimed in his pack. And when old grudges escalate, Bart must stake his claim.

Charlotte resists as he stakes a claim on her as well. But when he begins to employ sexual tactics of temptation, she wonders if the only solution is submission to the enticing wolf man. Can she trust her heart again? And can they find their happy ending before an enemy cuts their story short?


Predator’s Claim is available now online at the following outlets:

Rosanna is a multi-published author with Liquid Silver Books. Her favorite things are her family, dusty library stacks and Nutella. Star-crossed loves are her speciality. Follow Rosanna’s blog at”
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