Rita Awards Rules Changes for 2015

Romance Writers of America has announced some significant changes from last year’s RITA rules. Many of the changes are based on member input; other changes were necessary in order to manage the increased number of entries. The RWA Board has provided the rules at this time so its members can become familiar with the changes before judges are asked to sign up (in September) and the contest opens for entries (in October).

Summary of Changes

(Please note: This summary of changes is from the RWA site, but it is not meant to replace or supersede the actual rules. Entrants should read the actual rules carefully before entering the RITA contest. This is provided as a preliminary courtesy.)

  • Entrants are required to judge.
  • Entrants will not judge in a category in which they are entered.
  • Judges will be allowed to opt out of two categories.
  • Contemporary romance is divided into three categories and historical into two categories, based on word count, with the goal of dividing the number of entries equally among the available categories. Please note that the number of entries, by category, vary from year to year, and the resulting number of entries in each category may not be equally divided.
  • Each entry will be scored between 1.0 (lowest) and 10.0 (highest).
  • Judges will assign one score to each work, with the final score calculated by dropping the high and the low score and averaging the remaining three scores (trimmed mean).
  • The top 4% of each category’s entries (based on the number of qualified entries received) will advance to the final round, except each category will have no fewer than 4 finalists or more than 10 finalists.

For more information GO HERE.


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