Countdown Special Today: The Saxon Bride by Ashley York

YorkAshley York’s The Saxon Bride, the first in The Norman Conquest Series, is available on Amazon today for 99 cents.

Rowena, the lone surviving member of the powerful Godwinson family, must bow once again to the Normans with a marriage to one of the King’s most favored knights. Why should she set aside her proud Saxon heritage to become this warmonger’s latest conquest?

John, the bastard son of unknown parentage, follows the dictates of his King, William of Normandy, without question. That is until he is saddled with the spoiled Saxon princess as a bride. What can William be thinking to tie him down to these barbarians?


“Methinks your way is more than clear.”

“No,” John’s voice was quiet again. “You called out to me as sure as a Siren’s song.”

She shook her head, her lips in a tight smile. “So now you are a hero that legends are written of?”

“I came across a beautiful woman I would rather die than not have.”

Her lips parted with her quiet gasp, her silver eyes rounded with the longing he’d sensed in her response to him.

John stepped toward her and continued, “I was a drowning man and you were refreshing water.”

Rowena seemed to lean toward him as well. A knock at the door startled him, breaking the spell.

“Who is it?” They responded at the same time.

After a long pause, a woman’s timid voice answered. “It is Joan.”

“Come in.” Rowena’s voice held a note of desperation.

“Go away.” John commanded

At the sound of the retreating steps, a crest-fallen look swept across Rowena’s face. He had hurt her yet again. But she was not screaming at him or beating his chest. She glanced at the ground.

John fought the need to take her into his arms and finish what he’d started. His hands clenched at his sides to stop from reaching out to her.

Her eyes finally met his, the look of longing replaced by anger. “Why have you come back?”

“I have come to be your husband.”

The Saxon Bride available at


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