Contempoary Romance Writers Hosts Pitch Contest for Editors from Harlequin Presents 

Date: June 17-18, 2015

Guests/Judges: Editors Carly Byrne & Pippa Roscoe, Harlequin Presents

Fee: FREE!

Eligibility: The pitch contest is open to everyone – CRW members or non-members. But CRW invites non-members to consider joining its RWA chapter so you don’t miss out on other exciting events and opportunities! Published and non-published authors are welcome to pitch. Pitches must be for books not under contract as of June 17, 2015. 

Pitch Contest Policies and Procedures: The contest will be open for pitches 2 days (Jun 17 6am EST to June 19 5:59am EST) on the CRW blog. Authors will be asked to submit their pitches as a comment on the blog post. Include the following information:

  • Author’s Name
  • Book Title
  • Book Genre
  • Book Word Count (completed)
  • Blurb (maximum 200-word)
  • 1st 100 words of the manuscript

Pitches do NOT have to be only for the Presents line. The editors will consider pitches for other Harlquin lines as well. Also feel free to post general questions, but please do so in a separate post from your pitch submission.

Top Prize: The editors will select 5 submissions for which they will request the first 2 chapters. Each of the 5 finalists will receive a personalized response and critique of their work.

Questions? Contact Abigail Owen, VP of Communicaitons, at

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5 thoughts on “Contempoary Romance Writers Hosts Pitch Contest for Editors from Harlequin Presents 

    • Yes. Others had the same problem. It’s difficult for participants when the dates are changed to something earlier after the initial announcement. Hopefully another chance pops up soon. Last week didn’t work for me, either.

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