The Book Industry and Movies

The Politics of Writing

A lot of people like to say the phrase “Books will never die” even though some may not always believe it. Even I started to doubt it. You don’t see many people around reading classic literature unless you like to surround yourself with people that do. Most of the time I see people reading books that have been adapted into movies. Hollywood has been keeping the book market alive.

It seems like books are released with the expectations that a movie will be adapted. The main reason all comes back to money. Companies know that a book released along side a movie will make exponentially more than a stand alone book. Just think about all the book movies lately: Divergent, Hunger Games, Fifty Shades of Gray, Enders Game, Twilight, Fault in Our Stars, Wild, The Hobbit, American Sniper, The Giver, Gone Girl, Paper Towns, Maze Runner, ect.

Releasing a movie…

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