The Revelation

Being left-handed in a right-handed world

I’ve always been clumsy. Not your typical “oops, I did it again” kinda clumsy (Yes, I quoted Britney – I am a late-80’s baby and 90’s kid). But more like “dammit! I dropped a fishing rod in the lake again and while I use my super reflexes to try and stop it from sinking, I entangle my line, cut my finger and drop a can of pop into the lake” kinda clumsy. And no, that did not happen in reality…unless you count me almost losing a fishing rod to the lake on one occasion and dropping a can of pop into a tiny fishing hole when ice fishing on another.

Anyway, after 27 years of trying to deny, ignore, hide, disguise, fight, and finally concede my problem; it dawned on me. Maybe, just maybe, the problem isn’t entirely me. While I generally AM a clumsy person, maybe most of…

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