Short Romance Contest at Inkitt

Time hosts writing contests in various genres, including romance. The current romance contest is “Entwined.” The contests are free to enter. Reprints are acceptable. Short stories or excerpts are acceptable. Readers vote on their favorites until the end of the contest. Readers must register to vote, but that only requires a confirmed email address.

Two J. C. Conway stories are entered in the Entwined contest: “Time, Heat, and a Smoking Ember” and “Fog Light,” both previously published and doing respectably well.

Please feel free to browse the stories and vote. If you enter a story or excerpt, please feel free to add a link in the comments below. We believe this is mostly for fun and exposure at this point. Writers keep their rights, but entry is certainly internet “publication” in terms of other markets’ consideration of your stories. So don’t enter something you intend to submit to a paying market that does not accept reprints.

The site is easy to navigate, and there are many stories available to review and/or vote for in many genres. There is also a “Random Story” button that serves something up at random for the more adventurous readers among us.


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