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Liquid Silver Books Holidays Sale



The entire catalog of eBooks at Liquid Silver Books is on sale for the next few days. Liquid Silver features Romance novels for adults ranging from Sweet to Super Hot. Its eBooks are downloadable in all major eBook formats.

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The Playboy Next Door

3-ThePlayboyNextDoorFINAL600After a blind date stands her up, Catrina Striker stops in O’Leary’s Pub for a sandwich, nothing else. Then Tony Bates, North Salem’s resident playboy, sits down next to her and destiny takes over. Cat knows all about Tony’s reputation, but that doesn’t stop her from doing something she’s never done before: invite him back to her apartment.

Tony Bates has always looked at Catrina as nothing but his buddy’s little sister, until a chance encounter one summer night changes all that.

Since the sudden death of his college sweetheart, Tony has kept all his relationships casual and fun. Everyone knows that, which is why Cat and Tony agree to keep their involvement a secret rather than risk Tony’s friendship with her brother. However, what starts out as a secret fling soon becomes much more, and Tony must decide if he’s ready to risk his heart again or lose the woman who completes him.


Thanks for the ride and the company tonight.”

The hair she’d pushed over her shoulder half a dozen times that night fell forward when she turned to look at him. Without thinking, he reached out to push it back.


He leaned forward, his lips intent on making contact with hers. Whatever arguments his brain voiced during dinner got drowned out by the more primal arguments the rest of his body was making now.

He could tell by her expression that she realized his intention, but she didn’t back away or make an attempt to stop him. Instead, Cat ran her tongue over her bottom lip before leaning toward him, meeting him half way.

 He pressed his lips against hers, and then teased them apart as he pulled her closer. When she parted her lips, he didn’t hesitate. Tony deepened the kiss as desire and lust took hold.

Put on the brakes, the last firing neuron in his head screamed. His hand ignored it and reached under her shirt, sliding up her back and coming to a screeching halt when Cat pulled away.

He braced himself for a slap or a few angry words, both of which he deserved.

“Do you want to come upstairs, Tony?”

He opened his mouth, prepared to apologize, but snapped it shut. She’d invited him upstairs.

Hell yes, he wanted to go upstairs. First though, he had to ask. Later he might regret it, but he still had to ask anyway. “Are you sure, Cat?”

He’d be the first to admit he’d earned his reputation as a man-whore, as his friend Steve called him. However, he wasn’t an asshole. He didn’t intentionally hurt women’s feelings. He was always honest with them upfront, and if he suspected a woman might want more from him than some fun, he stayed far away.

Cat must know that.


He didn’t have a degree from MIT or Harvard, but he wasn’t stupid. When a beautiful woman invited him up to her apartment, he didn’t say no.

Tony followed her up the stairs inside the converted Victorian to the third floor. With each step up, he expected Cat to change her mind and tell him to leave.

She never did.

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From the Author

IMG_0025I started writing at the age of 10 on my grandmother’s manual typewriter and never stopped. When I am not driving my 3 daughters (ages 8, 6, and 6) around to their various activities or chasing around our three dogs, I am working on a story or reading a romance novel. Currently, I have two series out, The Sherbrookes of Newport and Love on The North Shore. You can visit my website or follow me on Facebook to learn more about my characters and to track my progress on my current writing projects.

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New Release: HEARTS RACE by Anneka Ever

HRheartsraceWhen it comes to adventure, she’s stop and he’s go. When it comes to romance, he’s yes and she’s no.

Can billionaire Dylan Delaney overcome his adrenaline addiction with life coach Greta Larsen’s help before he loses his technology empire? Can she move past the death of her husband to find love again?

When Greta finds herself attracted to her very rich, very handsome new client, she sees it as a betrayal of her late husband. Despite her feelings of guilt, she can’t walk away from Dylan, especially when she learns he harbors his own grief.

His secret sorrow is the key to Dylan’s love of danger. Greta is determined to unlock his mysterious past so he’ll stop courting death. What she doesn’t count on is the passion she frees.

Dylan’s never met a woman who could slow him down. Until now. Greta teaches him to be mindful of the moment, but soon his every moment is filled with thoughts of her. Has he replaced one addiction with another?

Hearts Race is the follow-up story to Riverswept and the second book in the Burns Class of Love series. The story returns readers to the small town of Burns, Virginia and also introduces them to the Blue Ridge Mountains around Charlottesville, Virginia.


“You might want to consider getting some blackout curtains or wearing eye shades.” As she spoke, she ran her hand back and forth along the comforter on the bed.

He nodded, unable to take his eyes off her hand. He wondered what it would feel like to have her run her hand back and forth along his skin.

“Do you get on the computer while you’re in here?”

“Yes, sometimes. I try to wind up any business I didn’t get to take care of earlier in the day.”

“What about this tablet here?”

“Yeah. I play around on that sometimes.”

“And I bet you sleep with the phone under your pillow.”

He felt his face growing hot. “Look, I know what you’re thinking. I’m addicted to my gadgets.” His voice rose. “I’m not the only person in the world who sleeps with his phone.”

She clasped her hand around his wrist. “Don’t get so defensive. I’m not judging you.” She released her light grip. Greta crossed one leg over the other and laid her hands on her knee. He tried not to stare at her gleaming wedding ring.

“Your body needs time to transition from activity to sleep mode. If you’re checking the computer or your phone, or watching TV or playing on the tablet, you’re not giving your mind and body time to make that downshift.”

He rubbed his wrist where she had touched him. “So I should just come in here and climb in bed straight away?”

“You don’t have to do that, but you should try doing something calming for the last hour before you go to sleep. Think of it as a ritual. You could take a warm bath or listen to some relaxing music. You could read. Not business reports or emails, but a good book or a magazine. Don’t read on your tablet. The light from its screen, the light on your phone, and the TV, and all these blinking lights on chargers and other devices in here, they keep your brain activated.”

She picked up one of his charging devices and pointed to the red and green indicator lights. “Believe it or not, when these tiny little lights blink in the dark, they can mess up your circadian rhythm.” She reached out and tapped his head. “You have a cluster of cells in your hypothalamus that responds to light and darkness. When light travels through your eyes to those cells, they assume it’s time to wake up, so they do things to your hormones, temperature, and other body functions to keep you awake. If that happens when you’re supposed to be asleep, your brain’s getting mixed signals.”

There’s only one signal my brain’s getting right now. It took every fiber of his being to keep him from kissing her. Every time she touched him, he felt as if a current of electricity traveled through him. The pressure on his wrist, the tap on his head: Zing! Zing! He didn’t know what would happen if she actually caressed him. I’d probably explode like a supernova.

He focused on her again and realized she was still talking. “I know you don’t drink alcohol, but I have seen you drink tea or other forms of caffeine. Try not to do that for several hours before you plan to go to bed.”

He nodded, wondering how she could be so unaware of how attracted he was to her. What turns her on?

“Try to limit your physical activity right before bed. I know you work out late at night sometimes. Even if it wears you out, it keeps you keyed up. Exercise earlier in the day.”

I’m keyed up right now, he wanted to say.

She bounced on the mattress again. “The bed seems comfortable enough,” she said. “It should only be used for sleeping and for sex.”

He bunched the comforter with his fists, groaning inwardly.

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About the Author

Anneka Ever is a romance author. Her contemporary love stories are set in the mountains and small towns of Virginia. Her strong heroes and independent heroines explore their passion against the beautiful backdrop of rivers, meadows, and forests. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America. Anneka lives in Virginia with her husband and three dogs.

Anneka’s website can be found at:


A Paranormal Treasure for the Holidays: Frosty Relations by Tara Quan

With the holidays upon us there are troves of books to curl up with by the fireplace. Tara Quan’s paranormal romantic comedy goes great with mulled wine and cinnamon cookies. Part of Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand line, Frosty Relations features a young college graduate facing the complicated world of adulthood and confronting the frost mage she’s had a crush on for most of her life. Add some Christmas magic and Madame Eve’s renowned matchmaking service, and we’ve got the beginnings of an icy-hot love story.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, the publisher has discounted the book to $0.99 for a limited time on Amazon and ARe (the sale ends December 14, 1015). Tara is also giving away a $10 gift card. To enter, leave a comment here and drop your details in the Rafflecopter widget at this landing page on Tara’s website:

Frosty Relations

Frosty Relations_99centsAttorney Jack Frost never understood why holidays did weird things to people. His secretary went on vacation, his best friend ditched their annual Aspen trip, and the law firm’s stubborn human resources assistant refuses his clerical support request. What’s a warlock to do on Christmas Eve but go on a 1-Night Stand? But when an oddly familiar empath shows up as his date, this ice mage has a hard time denying the magic of the winter solstice.

Faced with an anemic employment market and financial woes, college graduate and former witch Mina Mao lands an HR assistant job at Frost and Sons. Having spent her day saving Christmas from Frost Junior’s Grinch-like behavior, she accepts the gift of Madame Eve’s service and heads over to the Castillo Capital. When her date turns out to be her childhood crush and workplace nemesis, she braces herself for the sexiest icy ride of her life.  

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Comedy, Interracial/Multicultural

Limited Time Sale – Get it for $0.99 at Amazon or AllRomance

About Tara Quan

Globetrotter, lover of languages, and romance author, Tara Quan has an addiction for crafting tales with a pinch of spice and a smidgen of kink. Inspired by her travels, Tara enjoys tossing her kick-ass heroines and alpha males into exotic contemporary locales, paranormal worlds, and post-apocalyptic futures. Her characters, armed with magical powers or conventional weapons, are guaranteed a suspenseful and sensual ride, as well as their own happily ever after. Learn more at

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Curious, she pulled up the accounting module and groaned when she read the current tally. “Please tell me mini-Frost already left.”

“No such luck.” Angela looked over her shoulder. “The invoices I turned in put Leo’s billings above his by a hair, so the Space Cadet is on a warpath. He’s marching down the hallway as we speak. By the way, what possessed you to let Beth take his overflow work this week?”

Mina furrowed her brows. “Why? She’s new, but I’ve heard she’s good.”

Angela rolled her eyes. “That girl spends half her day on the phone and makes careless mistakes. If she wasn’t tall, blonde, and busty, she’d never have gotten through probation. With the testosterone crowd, all she needs to do is bend at the waist and elbow-squeeze her boobs whenever she drops off a document.”

Sighing, Mina filed the information away and clung to a ray of hope. “Jack is young, male, and single. Maybe it’ll work on him, too?”

Angela snorted. “He grew up with us as babysitters, and we call him the Space Cadet for a reason. Do you know what that brat cares about more than womanizing?”

Mina shook her head.

“Proper usage of spaces, periods, apostrophes, and commas.”

Frosty Relations is Available at:


Writing and Body Language

Jens Thoughts

I find one of the most talked about topics in writing is “show don’t tell”. It doesn’t seem to matter how much I try not to I still do, and I also find myself repeating words or not describing actions well.

I stumbled on this list of body language for us to keep near us while writing.


he lowered his head
she hung her head
he ducked
she bowed her head
he covered his eyes with a hand
she pressed her hands to her cheeks

she raised her chin
he lifted his chin

her hands squeezed into fists
his hands tightened into fists
she clenched her fists
she balled her fists
he unclenched his fists
her arms remained at her sides

he shrugged
she gave a half shrug
he lifted his shoulder in a half shrug
she gave a dismissive wave of her hand

she raised a hand in greeting

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Want to Write Romance? Consider Joining an RWA Chapter

3 for 2 sale 5Romance Writers of America is the premiere organization for professional romance writers and aspiring romance writers. RWA recognizes chapter affiliation as one of its major activities in providing local networking and support systems for writers. Its chapters offer members the opportunity to come together to discuss the industry and build connections with fellow romance writers. There are two general types of chapters–Local chapters and special interest chapters.

Local chapters generally meet monthly, often featuring guest speakers who discuss topics relevant to writing. There are critique-group opportunities. There is also camaraderie and networking opportunities with other RWA members who understand the writing life’s ups and downs.

Most (but not all) states in the United States have one or more local chapters. For instance, west of the Rockies in the contiguous United States are:






A full list can be found online in various places, including the RWA site.

Special-interest chapters are made up of members interested in a particular subgenre of romance fiction (e.g., Regency, inspirational, paranormal). These chapters meet online and offer education and support tailored to the needs of writers who are interested in these romance subgenres.