Want to Write Romance? Consider Joining an RWA Chapter

3 for 2 sale 5Romance Writers of America is the premiere organization for professional romance writers and aspiring romance writers. RWA recognizes chapter affiliation as one of its major activities in providing local networking and support systems for writers. Its chapters offer members the opportunity to come together to discuss the industry and build connections with fellow romance writers. There are two general types of chapters–Local chapters and special interest chapters.

Local chapters generally meet monthly, often featuring guest speakers who discuss topics relevant to writing. There are critique-group opportunities. There is also camaraderie and networking opportunities with other RWA members who understand the writing life’s ups and downs.

Most (but not all) states in the United States have one or more local chapters. For instance, west of the Rockies in the contiguous United States are:






A full list can be found online in various places, including the RWA site.

Special-interest chapters are made up of members interested in a particular subgenre of romance fiction (e.g., Regency, inspirational, paranormal). These chapters meet online and offer education and support tailored to the needs of writers who are interested in these romance subgenres.


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