Two February Online Workshops for Writers

The following two workshops are being offered through the Yosemite Romance Writers. Additional information and sign-up instructions can be found at YRW’s Workshop Page HERE.

POV: It’s Not Just a Point of View

  • Dates: February 3-28
  • Instructor: Shannon Donnelly
  • PRICE: $20/$25

Third person, first person, multiple viewpoints, single—all of it can be confusing.  What works?  When to change viewpoint?  And how do you take POV so deep a reader feels everything a character feels?  This workshop covers some basic elements of POV control, including how to make better choices for which character’s viewpoint to use and how to write deep POV that compels a reader’s attention.  Exercises will be offered to sharpen POV control, one of the most fundamental, and strongest techniques in any writer’s tool box.

The workshop will cover:

1) Types of POV – advantages & disadvantages to each
2) Which character’s eyes to use
3) How to know when POV is slipping
4) POV and tense (past vs. present vs. future)
5) Changing POV smoothly & effectively
6) Deep POV – getting inside your characters
7) Writing Techniques to help
8) Editing to tighten POV

About the Instructor

Shannon Donnelly’s writing has won numerous awards, including a RITA nomination for Best Regency, the Grand Prize in the “Minute Maid Sensational Romance Writer” contest, judged by Nora Roberts, RWA’s Golden Heart, and others. Her writing has repeatedly earned 4½ Star Top Pick reviews from Romantic Times magazine, as well as praise from Booklist and other reviewers, who note: “simply superb”…”wonderfully uplifting”….and “beautifully written.”

Her Regency romances can be found as ebooks on all formats, and with Cool Gus Publishing, and include a series of four novellas.

She also has out the Mackenzie Solomon, Demon/Warders Urban Fantasy series, Burn Baby Burn and Riding in on a Burning Tire, and the Urban Fantasy, Edge Walkers. Her work has been on the top seller list of and includes Paths of Desire, a Historical Regency romance.

She is the author of several young adult horror stories, and computer games. She lives in New Mexico with two horses, two donkeys, two dogs, and only one love of her life. Shannon can be found online at,, and twitter/sdwriter.

How to Write FAST

  • Dates: February 1-26
  • Instructor: Peter Andrews
  • PRICE: $20/$25

Crank up the efficiency and get that novel, short story, article or script DONE. Through exercises, evaluations, tips and technologies, you can learn to write faster. Discover how to break through blocks, get ideas, develop plots, draft and polish in less time without losing quality.

Using handouts, group discussions, writing samples and exercises this workshop will cover:

  • Identifying obstacles to writing and remedies
  • Questions that help build plots, arguments, scenes and synopses
  • Developing your process notebook so you can write for results
  • Technology that speeds your writing
  • Fast identification of prose problems and checklists for rewriting
  • Dealing with distractions
  • Measurements that keep you on track
  • Writer’s block and how to use it

Instructional Methods:  By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize obstacles to writing and avoid them
  • Use checklists and questions to create and organize material
  • Create stories and articles more quickly
  • Adapt and document known processes for writing that fit their style and intent

About the Instructor

Currently Peter Andrews is a full-time speechwriter. He has taught four different virtual courses for IBM and its clients. He has also worked professionally in PR, as a Web producer and a radio producer. He has hundreds of nonfiction articles in print, and has written and produced 30-minute videos. 

Peter Andrews co-wrote one non-fiction book that came out October 2009;  another nonfiction book (ghosted) came out in December 2010. He wrote a one-act play that was selected for two festivals, with performances in both cases (once in a Manhattan theater). Peter Andrews has sold dozens of short stories, from 300 words to 5000 words.


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