Listening to a Good Romance–2016 Audie Finalists

Love to listen to a good romance? Each year, Audio Publishers Association (“APA”) sponsors the Audie Awards competition for best audio book productions in a wide array of genres and categories. The Audies® is the premier awards program in the United States recognizing distinction in audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment.

“Through the Audie Awards competition, publishers enter titles in various categories for recognition of achievement. Finalists are selected, and from that group of finalists one winner is awarded.” — APA

This year, the finalists in the Romance Category are:

The Duke’s Holiday
by Maggie Fenton
narrated by Sue Pitkin
published by Brilliance Audio

The cold, precise Duke of Montford demands things his way: neatly ordered, in place, and adhering closely to the rules. So he is furious when he learns that the tenant of his ducal estate has been dead for a year, and a stranger has been running the Honeywell business – which, by contract, is now Montford’s. When he arrives in Yorkshire to investigate, he discovers that the estate is being run by an unruly, tomboyish woman – and a bluestocking at that!

The Highwayman
by Kerrigan Byrne
narrated by Derek Perkins
published by Tantor Media

Dorian Blackwell, the Blackheart of Ben More, is a ruthless villain. Scarred and hard-hearted, Dorian is one of Victorian London’s wealthiest, most influential men who will stop at nothing to wreak vengeance on those who’ve wronged him… and will fight to the death to seize what he wants. The lovely, still innocent widow Farah Leigh Mackenzie is no exception-and soon Dorian whisks the beautiful lass away to his sanctuary in the wild Highlands….

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover
by Sarah MacLean
narrated by Justine Eyre
published by HarperAudio

By day, she is Lady Georgiana, sister to a duke, ruined before her first season in the worst kind of scandal.

But the truth is far more shocking – in London’s darkest corners, she is Chase, the mysterious, unknown founder of the city’s most legendary gaming hell.

For years, her double identity has gone undiscovered – until now.

The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy
by Julia Quinn
narrated by Rosalyn Landor
published by HarperAudio

Sir Richard Kenworthy has less than a month to find a bride.

He knows he can’t be too picky, but when he sees Iris Smythe-Smith hiding behind her cello at her family’s infamous musicale, he thinks he might have struck gold. She’s the type of girl you don’t notice until the second – or third – look, but there’s something about her, something simmering under the surface, and he knows she’s the one.

A Sorceress of His Own
by Dianne Duvall
narrated by Kirsten Potter
published by Tantor Media

Since the day Lord Dillon earned his spurs, rumors of his savagery on the battlefield have preceded him into every room, stilling tongues and sparking fear. Weary of battle, he wishes only to find a woman he can wed who will approach him not with fear but with the tenderness that has been absent from his life for so long. Yet only the wisewoman seems invariably at ease in his presence.

Whether you are already a fan of audio romance, or are simply considering listening to a good story with heart and passion, a great place to start is the Audie Award finalists. And in case your just catching up, last year’s Romance winner was:

By Nicholas Sparks
Read by January LaVoy, Ron McLarty
Hachette Audio

Nicholas Sparks’s redemptive, emotionally charged novel is an enjoyable change of pace for fans. Thanks to nuanced performances by Ron McLarty and January LaVoy, it’s also an instantly engrossing listening experience. When 91-year-old Ira Levinson drives off the road in a snowstorm, he has no one but his late wife to pass the long hours with while waiting for rescue. Meanwhile, miles away, Sophia Danko meets a cowboy who challenges her dreams of the future. Ron McLarty emphasizes Ira’s inner strength and growing fallibility while making the supporting cast immediately identifiable and intensely sympathetic. January LaVoy provides a steady, bright narration and compassionate characterizations that complement McLarty’s work beautifully, highlighting the differences in these character’s experiences even as they grow inexorably closer together.


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