Baby Come Back by Christa Maurice

CM-RRSoM-BK4-BCBack-300x450Rock star Trent Markov is a jerk, always has been, but if he has any hope at all of getting Jenny Hammerstrom back and being a father to his child he needs to become Mr. Nice Guy.

Trent has been looking forward hooking up with his favorite groupie again this tour, but when he finds Jenny in Cleveland, she tells him to get lost. Then, he discovers she has a kid who looks suspiciously like him. Except everybody, the other guys in his band, his managers, all her friends, seem to be conspiring to protect her from him. If he ever hopes to get Jenny back and get to be a father to his daughter, he’s going to have to make all of them believe he’s become the nicest guy on the planet.

Jenny wanted to marry a rock star, but having Lulu changed everything. No matter how much she wants Trent back, she can’t let her daughter grow up thinking women let men treat them the way Trent treats her. She’ll sacrifice her own happiness unless Trent can get it together.

BABY COME BACK is the final book in the Rock And Roll State Of Mind series.

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About the Author

Christa Maurice photoChrista Maurice spends a lot of time lost in imagination. When not writing, she loves to travel and has spent several years living overseas (literally.) She recently returned to the United States after four years living in Abu Dhabi where the temperature was always hot, the sunrise and sunset were pretty stable year ‘round and she could go weeks at a time without speaking to a man who wasn’t selling her groceries. You know that happens to a woman living in what amounts to a harem situation? She spends a lot of time talking about shoes and thinking about men. Which brings us right back to being lost in imagination…



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