New Release: DIE FOR YOU by Michele Mills

The science-fiction romance, Die for You, by Michele Mills (Samhain Publishing), is now available. This debut novel of hot SF by Mills is the first book in her Catastrophe Series.

Love, in a hopeless place.

Catastrophe Series, Book 1

Two months after a virus took out civilization, Rachel Donnelly is the last living soul in California, as far as she can tell. Until she runs into a Marine sniper, battle-hardened but alive and healthy.

Adam Sanchez would love nothing more than a slamming session of I-can’t-believe-we’re-alive post-apocalyptic sex in the back of his Hummer. But Rachel’s fragility, inexperience—and much younger age—hold him back from exposing her to his raw, aggressive sexuality. If anything, Rachel needs protection. Especially from himself.

As they band together with other survivors to battle feral animals, violent ex-cons, and motorcycle clubs jockeying for power, Rachel grows stronger in mind, body, and spirit—strong enough to give the dangerously sexy Marine what they both crave.

The power of their passion rocks Adam’s world, bringing him to his knees—which, he discovers too late, is the worst possible place to be when danger springs from the shadows.

Warning: Contains a sexy Marine, a tattooed ex-con, a girl who blossoms into a sexually assured young woman, laughter despite the pain, m/f/m ménage, hope, love, and more bad language and violence than are strictly necessary.  

DIE FOR YOU is available in eBook and Trade Paperback formats:

Excerpts of Sample Goodreads Reviews:

“This is my first book by author Michele Mills and has really nailed it with Die For You. Real characters and believable story line filled with action keep this story rolling along fast. The only thing I hated about this book was that it had to end and I don’t have the next in the series yet. Ms. Mills is definitely an author to watch.”

“As far as she can tell, Rachel Donnelly is the last living soul in California until she runs into a battle-hardened Marine sniper that is not only alive but very healthy indeed in this sizzling and thrilling post-apocalyptic romance.”

“Michele Mills created a life like experience in her post-apocalyptic world that frankly gives it a chilling as well [as] sizzling feel…”

“WOWZA! What a fantastic post-apocalyptic romance that is stunning, passionate, sexy, defiant, and with some super HOT guys that will make you glad to be the last woman on earth!”

Find Michele Mills at:

And as a writer of some outstanding reviews at Dear Author.



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