Romance Fans

lisa emme

With all the excitement of Deadlocked’s release, I haven’t had a chance to let you know that Home Again, my contemporary romance, is back in distribution at all of the major online retailers. This means if you prefer to use Kobo, Apple or Barnes & Noble, you’re in luck. Get your copy of this sweet, spicy romance today!

Home Again

Home AgainThey say you can’t go home again.  Allie Daniels hopes they are wrong, whoever they are.  After a series of misfortunes, she and her small son have come home to the town she thought she had left behind.  She’s just looking for a safe place to raise her son.  The last thing she wants is any more complications.

Mike Finn didn’t roll into town on his Harley looking for love; he just wants to find a place to call home.  Hoping to escape the fast-paced, anonymous life in…

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