New Release: A Hero to Hold by Sheri Humpheys

A Hero to Hold_AReViscountess Charlotte Haliday has lost her illusions. Scandal took her position in Society and the husband she thought she loved, and his mysterious murder followed shortly thereafter. But now is the time to return to London, time to find whatever small portion of happiness remains to her.

The first step will be proving she is her own person, unafraid of the lies and deceit that came before. Then she will defy her father and all others who try to take away her independence. Never again will Charlotte have a husband or seek the perfect marriage of her best friend Jane, but perhaps she will dare the wrath of the gossip-mongers and indulge her tiniest desire. To do so will bring her face to face with a stranger in an alcove. It will lead to learning Mr. David Scott is not only a war hero soon to be awarded the Victoria Cross, but also the most formidable man she has ever met. Broken in every way except the ones that count, he just might make her believe in love. And only she can show him that he is not alone.

About the Author

Sheri Humphreys_4Web-1After a satisfying career as an emergency room nurse, Sheri closed the book on her diverse nursing experiences and followed a lifelong love for writing and historical romance to a new vocation as an author.

She lives with a Jack Russell mix rescue, Lucy, in a small town on the central California coast.




David couldn’t keep the surprise and disapproval from his voice. “Are you saying you still intend to work for me?”

She seemed startled. “Why, yes,” she said, her face turning even pinker.

David sighed. Lady Haliday seemed to bring his every buried doubt surging to the surface. In addition, she distracted him in a most unwelcome way.

Alarm flashed across her face. “Please, can’t you forget what happened? I want to do this.” She paused, and he imagined he saw desperation in her eyes. “I need to do this.”

Damn it, but she made him feel the sorriest blighter, and even though he didn’t want her there, he sensed that turning her away would be an act of cruelty. He felt compelled to agree to her request, even knowing her presence would make him uncomfortable.

“All right,” he said, and immediately her stiff posture eased. “For today I think you’d best go home and rest—and eat.” Not only had she fainted, but she’d drunk a fair amount of brandy. “Is your carriage out front?”

“I took a Hansom. I don’t maintain a stable.”

“I’ll take you then.” The words were out of his mouth before he could pull them back. He knew he should just let Chetney accompany her, but he wanted to make sure she got home safely. He also needed to give her an eyeful. The surest way to destroy all his ridiculous desire for her was to make sure she saw him as the cripple he was.

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