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Bryan Clark – Ancient House of Cards

AncientHourOfCardsHighResSebastian Morales is smart, gorgeous and has just turned 30.  He is also one of the youngest Priests to be assigned to the sleepy little town of Morris Colorado, nestled just below the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Born in a remote village in Spain, Father Morales’ life had been perfectly scripted as he obtained his dreams.  Now in America, he is at task with revitalizing an aging congregation.  The job seems easy until he meets Ian Stephens.  Ian is troubled, good looking, openly gay, and trapped between his own dreams and the responsibility he feels for the care of his aging mother.

Escorting his mother to Sunday Mass one morning, Ian and Father Morales’ life intersect, changing both forever.  Ian believes he has seen something in the Father’s eyes that morning, a spark, an intuition, or was he just fantasizing about the seductively alluring priest.

Ian is willing to risk it all in order to find the answer, in turn feeding his own sexual desires and causing boundaries to be questioned by everyone.

After an unforeseen yet unforgettable kiss between the two men, will an Ancient House of Cards be toppled when they are faced with confronting the moral dilemma that neither of them can escape?


Bryan Thomas Clark is a boisterous extravert who is a proud member of the LGBT community.  For the last 26 years, he has enjoyed a career in Law Enforcement.  On the weekends is when his characters are born and grow into the people his readers will fall in love with.  Behind his keyboard working on his next novel, he writes gay fiction with an emphasis on a moral dilemma and M/M romance.

On the rare occasions he isn’t writing, Bryan enjoys traveling, following his husband around the state of California to various equestrian competitions, lying by a body of water soaking up the sun, or watching a good movie while snuggled up with his husband and dog on the couch.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Bryan now resides in the Central Valley of California with his husband of twenty-eight years and their four legged loyal companion, Miss Celie.

Ancient House of Cards can be purchased in Trade Paperback and Kindle on

  • ISBN-13: 978-1494955175
  • ISBN-10: 1494955172